Mrs Robinson

I haven’t used tumblr in years lmao hi basically life is fab right now.

I’ve been with my wonderful boyfriend Jack for over a year now and we’ve been to Amsterdam and Edinburgh and Paris and they were all just such perfect holidays. He’s amazing and gorgeous and just brilliant on every level. :3 

I’m starting my Law degree at University of Manchester in 58 days and I can’t wait for that.

Basically right now I have a great summer job, a great boyfriend, and a great three years ahead of me and everything is fab. I’m so happy.


July is lookin’ real good for you, yo.


July is lookin’ real good for you, yo.


I want to talk about every single detail of my weekend in London but that would be SCANDALOUS

Instead, I’m just going to dump stupid pictures I took with my friends whilst drunk!!! I didn’t take pictures of landmarks because, well, I only seem to have my phone in hand when I’m drunk

Rough Trade is AMAZING; all of Brick Lane is, actually. Ooh except for all of the hipsters and smelly vintage stores :(

Camden Town is so so so so so good, too.

I love London I really really love London

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Best weekend ever.

I can’t really explain how excited I am to study feminism in Politics. My class is full of really patriarchal guys and idk I’m just going to shout them all down and be fabulous.

Just before I go…

I was sat with my mum the other day, having a highly inappropriate conversation as per usual. It was all very personal and funny, but it made me realise something: I’m happy with who I am.

From around late-September/October time I’ve been generally getting a lot happier with myself. I’m eating better, looking better, and I’m just feeling better.

I pulled an absolutely gorrrrgeous guy up town a couple weeks back, and not too long ago I convinced some random guy in a club to buy mine and Brad’s drinks all night. Cheapest night out ever and a pretty nice confidence booster at the same time (he loved to dish out the compliments, that one).

But I’ve also realised that I’m capable of achieving a lot academically and intellectually. I’ve exceeded all my expectations with regards to college and UCAS and all the rest of it.

I’m just… happy. I don’t know. I can’t describe it. It’s really great. I can’t believe I’m moving out of Birmingham this year for uni, how cool is that?! (It is to me).

Ahh, life.

(I’m actually going now, back in a few months probably!)